Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pro Statistics eXplorer

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This version of Statistics eXplorer allows you as a user to fully customize the data management, the view layout and choose which visualizations to be available in your Statistics eXplorer.
Data management
From the available formats that are can be used in Statistics eXplorer you choose which ones to be available in your application. Also choose from a selection of transformers that you can use in your Pro Statistics eXplorer for transforming and making calculations on your data.
Available data formats are:
• Unicode
• PC-Axis
• WB Api
• Excel
Layout management
Design your own user interface and choose the layout of your Pro Statistics eXplorer. Choose how many components that will be visible and the size and orientation of each layout area.
Visualization component management
Choose from the available visualization components in Statistics eXplorer so that your application only uses the ones that you are interested in. Also choose where in the layout you want each visualization component.
Available components are
• Choropleth Map
• Color Legend
• Data Grid
• Distribution Plot
• Histogram
• Parallel Axes Chart
• Scatter Plot
• Scatter Matrix
• Table Lens
• Time Graph

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