Friday, August 26, 2011

Eight New e-learning courses on SDMX

Eight New e-learning courses on SDMX
Published by Eurostat on 22/08/2011
Do you receive your data (or metadata) in several formats or the layout varies, and this makes your data processing more complicated?
Do you exchange your data with national and international organisations?
Have you ever had problems retrieving the data you need?
If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, SDMX can help you.
To help you get familiar with SDMX, a worldwide standard approved by ISO and sponsored by seven international organisations, Eurostat has prepared a set of eight e-learning courses.
Each course consists of a 20-minute video, accompanied by a student book and a self-test form. Four courses address general topics (Introduction to SDMX, the SDMX Information Model, Data Structure Definitions, Metadata Structure Definitions) while the other four are more oriented to IT specialists (XML-based technologies used in SDMX, SDMX-ML messages, SDMX architectures and SDMX Reference Infrastructure). 
 All the videos, student books and self-tests are accessible online.

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