Monday, July 25, 2011

DataGenie: International visitors to Australia

The link below demonstrates how much China has risen relative to Japan by looking at the number and spending of tourists from those countries when they visit Australia (motion charts shown here are embedded in Space-Time Research's visualisation platform),1,5,8

With DataGenie explore interactive visualisations based on current data from
the International visitor survey conducted by Tourism Research Australia
  •  Who is coming?
    Number and gender of visitors
  •  Where do they come from?
  •  Why do they come?
    Reasons for visiting
  •  Where do they go?
    Regions visited and length of stay
  •  What do they do?
  •  How much do they spend?
    Spending patterns
'Tourism is a $41 billion industry, providing careers for almost half a million Australians, and the lifeblood of our regional communities. It is our leading services export, contributing $24 billion or just over 10 per cent of Australia's total export earnings.'
Martin Ferguson AM MP, Minister for Tourism.
Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism 2010, Tourism industry facts & figures at a glance, p 2. © Commonwealth of Australia 2010

The data has been gathered since 1999 and is made available for educational use by Tourism Research Australia.

Australian Government - Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

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