Friday, March 16, 2012

Standards for statistical data dissemination: a wish list

Standards for statistical data dissemination: a wish list
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The digitization of information exchange processes has led in many industries to define standards to be used in the B2B side of the value chain for the conversations between key partners. The agencies involved in statistical production are not an exception and need to agree on standards that can be used in the exchange of data and metadata between them. However, before these standards have been fully adopted, new needs have arisen that have stressed the importance of machine readable formats for the reuse of the public sector information. Open data initiatives have usually found a strategic ally in the statistical offices because timeliness, punctuality and accessibility are part of the code of practice in official statistics. This has increased the necessity of standards not only for data exchange between organizations specializing in statistical production but also for dissemination to third parties. The presentation will try to address the requirements that the dissemination standards should meet in this new context.

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