Sunday, February 19, 2012

O'Reilly: The bond between data and journalism grows stronger

Alex Howard

Liliana Bounegru discusses the state of data journalism and its growing influence.

by  | @digiphile   | +Alex Howard   | Comments: 3 | 14 February 2012

While reporters and editors have been the traditional vectors for information gathering and dissemination, the flattened information environment of 2012 now has news breaking first online, not on the newsdesk.
That doesn't mean that the integrated media organizations of today don't play a crucial role. Far from it. In the information age, journalists are needed more than ever to curate, verify, analyze and synthesize the wash of data.
To learn more about the shifting world of data journalism, I interviewed Liliana Bounegru  (@bb_liliana ), project coordinator of SYNC3 , the first international Data Journalism Awards , and Data Driven Journalism  at the European Journalism Centre.

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