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COMPUTERWORLD: 22 free tools for data visualization and analysis

Image gallery: 22 free tools for data visualization and analysis

April 20, 2011 06:00 AM ET
This image gallery accompanies our story 22 free tools for data visualization and analysis. Click through to that story for the full review.
Features of 22 free data visualization and analysis tools: You can sort this chart by clicking on any column header once to sort in ascending order and a second time to sort by descending (browser JavaScript required).
Skill levels are represented as numbers from easiest to most difficult to learn and use:
  1. Users who are comfortable with basic spreadsheet tasks
  2. Users who are technically proficient enough not to be frightened off by spending a couple of hours learning a new application
  3. Power users
  4. Users with coding experience or specialized knowledge in a field like GIS or network analysis.     Next page

Data visualization and analysis tools



Data stored
or processed
Designed for
Web publishing?
Data WranglerData cleaningNoNoBrowser2External serverNo
Google RefineData cleaningNoNoBrowser2LocalNo
R ProjectStatistical analysisYesWith pluginLinux, Mac OS X, Unix, Windows XP or later4LocalNo
Google Fusion TablesVisualization app/serviceYesYesBrowser1External serverYes
ImpureVisualization app/serviceYesNoBrowser3VariesYes
Many EyesVisualization app/serviceYesLimitedBrowser1Public external serverYes
Tableau PublicVisualization app/serviceYesYesWindows3Public external serverYes
VIDIVisualization app/serviceYesYesBrowser1External serverYes
Zoho ReportsVisualization app/serviceYesNoBrowser2External serverYes
ChooselFrameworkYesYesChrome, Firefox, Safari4Local or external serverNot yet
ExhibitLibraryYesYesCode editor and browser4Local or external serverYes
Google Chart ToolsLibrary and Visualization app/serviceYesYesCode editor and browser2Local or external serverYes
JavaScript InfoVis ToolkitLibraryYesNoCode editor and browser4Local or external serverYes
ProtovisLibraryYesYesCode editor and browser4Local or external serverYes
Quantum GIS (QGIS)GIS/mapping: DesktopNoYesLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows4LocalWith plugin
OpenHeatMapGIS/mapping: WebNoYesBrowser1External serverYes
OpenLayersGIS/mapping: Web, LibraryNoYesCode editor and browser4local or external serverYes
OpenStreetMapGIS/mapping: WebNoYesBrowser or desktops running Java3Local or external serverYes
TimeFlowTemporal data analysisNoNoDesktops running Java1LocalNo
IBM Word-Cloud GeneratorWord cloudsNoNoDesktops running Java2LocalAs image
GephiNetwork analysisNoNoDesktops running Java4LocalAs image
NodeXLNetwork analysisNoNoExcel 2007 and 2010 on Windows4LocalAs image

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