Thursday, October 27, 2011

Survey of Sweden Official Statistics: "The accessibility of official statistics must be improved"

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Fi 2011:05 Statistics Survey

Committee ChairBengt Westerberg
Secretary: Sofia Tollgerdttel +468-405 90 24
Secretary: Svante Erikssontel +468-405 14 28
E-mail: firstname.lastname @

Directive 2011:32 (link to Ministry of Finance, Swedish page)
The study estimated finish its work on 10 December 2012.

Extract from the Directive (not perfect translation but understandable):

The accessibility of official statistics must be improved
To improve the accessibility of official statistics is a
challenge for all authorities responsible for and produce
official statistics.
The statistics can be considered available if it can find and
access to statistics, within a reasonable time, without charge or at
affordable, easy to interpret statistical data and use it
for their processing and analysis. Improved accessibility
the statistics was one of the cornerstones of statistical reform.
Accessibility has improved significantly since the reform of
several areas. Among other things, is Sweden's Statistical Databases
now available free of charge through the SCB website.
Accessibility must be improved further.
Improved accessibility should lead to increased
opportunities to meet the statistical needs of users
monitoring in different policy areas. It should for example
analyzed the extent to which it is possible to meet new needs
of current and more detailed statistics in welfare policy
and environmental policy. Improved accessibility also means that
you should try to facilitate the research need to be able
carry out register-based research in a more efficient manner than in
Strategically important areas for improved accessibility is
documentation, pricing and statistical confidentiality. Other
areas are safe technique and good presentation.
In conclusion, examine proposals for improved
availability of official statistics aim to make
it easy to search and access all official statistics, the
it easier for non-specialists to interpret and use
official statistics, to enable qualified
users, not least academic and
colleges, to use the official statistics data set on
own, to improve documentation, simplifying and
clarify the statistical secrecy (even in the case of other
statistics than the official statistics), not to restrict access
more than necessary to ensure statistical confidentiality and to provide
access to official statistics through basic services in
combined with the optional facilities. A system of supervision
of availability should be considered.

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