Monday, March 10, 2014

VB News - Statwing picks up funding from data science luminary Hammerbacher


Statwing picks up funding from data science luminary Hammerbacher
Above: A correlation as shown in Statwing's software.
Image Credit: Statwing
January 30, 2014 3:01 PM 
Jordan Novet

Big data projects are trendy, but they can be hard to pull off.

Venture capitalists understand the problem. They’ve been betting on startups like DataHero andChartio that aim to make analysis and visualization of data fast and simple. Now another startup,Statwing, has revealed new backing, and it comes from a leading figurehead in the big data world, Jeff Hammerbacher, a cofounder of fast-growing big data company Cloudera.

Statwing uses a clean point-and-click interface, as opposed to a clunky and overly complicated tool like Microsoft Excel. Users can drop in data from a spreadsheet and then get super-clear statements that tell users what they’re looking for, alongside visualizations and high-level statistics.   

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