Thursday, October 18, 2012

Panopticon 6: Revolutionary advanced data visualization system

Webinars > Panopticon 6: Revolutionary advanced data visualization system
Panopticon 6 is the latest generation of our advanced data visualization software suite. It is the next level in real-time visual data analysis and offers a huge range of functionality and deployment options. 
In this webinar, Panopticon's Chief Architect Ludvig Sandman demonstrates the new mobile capabilities of the platform and explain how to use Panopticon 6 to embed our in-memory OLAP and visualization functions into your own enterprise applications.
Panopticon 6 incorporates:
  • Ability to visualize data from true real-time streaming sources, including message queues, CEP engines and tick databases
  • Ability to federate data from multiple sources and combine them in a single visualization or in multi-visualization dashboards
  • Ability to fully embed our StreamCube OLAP in-memory data model and our data visualizations into third party applications
  • HTML5 and Java view clients for delivery of fully interactive dashboards to any desktop or mobile device
  • Specialized Smartphone visualization functions
  • Native connectors for Active MQ, Apache Qpid and Progress Sonic MQ message buses
  • Native connectors for StreamBase, OneTick CEP, SAP Sybase ESP, and Oracle CEP engines
  • Native connectors for in-memory data management systems like SAP HANA
  • Native connectors for high performance columnar tick databases, including SAP Sybase IQ, Kx Kdb+, OneTick, and Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics
  • ODBC sources
  • Files including Microsoft Excel, CSV, SVG, and XML
  • Sophisticated offline reporting capabilities

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