Friday, August 24, 2012

Open Data and the GSS - UK Statistics Authority


The GSS is committed to increasing the amount of data released in open and re-usable formats in production of its statistical outputs. This is in line with the UK Government’s policy, as set out in the Open Data White Paper.

Principle 8 of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics states that producers of official statistics should ensure that they are disseminated in forms that enable and encourage analysis and reuse. Producers should release datasets and reference databases, supported by documentation, in formats that are convenient to users.

Principle 5 of the Code of Practice states that official statistics should not reveal the identity of an individual or organisation, or any private information relating to them, taking into account other relevant sources of information. Arrangements for confidentiality protection must be sufficient to protect the privacy of individual information, but not so restrictive as to limit unduly the practical utility of official statistics.

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