Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NZ.Stat beta release is now available

Today Statistics New Zealand launched (as Beta) their branded release of the OECD.Stat data warehouse product. (http://nzdotstat.stats.govt.nz )
The work has been done in collaboration with the OECD, ABS and IStat over the last two years to develop this product release in alignment with the rigorous needs of a Statistical Agency.

image, link to nz.stat.  

What is NZ.Stat?

NZ.Stat is a free web tool that will soon be replacing Table Builder. NZ.Stat will allow you to:
  • download large volumes of data (up to 100,000 cells in Excel, and 1,000,000 in CSV format)
  • search for items within dimensions
  • view metadata alongside the table (rather than in a separate window).
NZ.Stat is powered by software provided by the OECD, which is also used by other statistical agencies around the world.

What is the beta release?

The beta release allows you to preview NZ.Stat, but there are still some issues to resolve. We are still working on enhancing the tool. Please tell us what you think of NZ.Stat.
Table Builder remains the authoritative source of tabular data, and all new tables or updates will appear in Table Builder first.  

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