Saturday, April 14, 2012 – linked (open) energy data cloud

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Martin Kaltenböck – linked (open) energy data cloud

Access to the latest high quality information on renewables, energy efficiency and climate change is fundamental to the acceleration of the clean energy marketplace, facilitating investments, promoting new legislation and regulations and broadening interest and knowledge in the sector. acts as a unique clean energy information portal, targeting specific stakeholders including governments, project developers, businesses, financiers, NGOs, academia, international organizations and civil society. Alongside comprehensive country energy profilesenergy statistics and a directory of relevant stakeholders it also offers the clean energy search and an extensive glossary. There is also an insightful clean energy blog with interesting and up-to-date background information.
As provides relevant clean energy data from several key energy open data sources as for instance OpenEIWorld Bank Data or the UK Open Data Portal the Information Gateway has a strong need for efficient and automated data management mechanisms and technologies! Therefore REEEP (The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership) decided to use Linked Open Data (LOD).
Linked Open Data provides a powerful way for for sustainable data management and data integration – thereby the current linked (open) energy data cloud came into being and looks as follows:
The figure of the linked (open) energy data cloud above shows the model behind the scenes of the clean energy information gateway providing an insight about sources and respective connections / links between the several sources and data sets.

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