Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From SearchBusinessAnalytics: Skills shortage, training present pitfalls for 'big data' analytics

Beth Stackpole, Contributor

Published: 1 Jan 2012
The biggest challenges related to “big data” analytics, according to consultants and IT managers, boil down to a simple one-two punch: The technology is still fairly raw and user-unfriendly, and there aren’t enough skilled experts to go around.
A lot of big data technologies -- like Hadoop and MapReduce -- hail from the open source world, developed by Internet pioneers such as Google and Yahoo to take on the problem of cost-effectively processing large volumes of information, including both structured andunstructured data. As a result of this orientation, most of the technologies lack the maturity and accessibility of traditional databases and data management suites, and there is still a limited selection of complementary analytics tools available to make these environments feel familiar to many data warehousing and analytics professionals.

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