Sunday, September 25, 2011

The factlab way publishing statistics in newspaper


This is how the Dagens Nyheter, the largest newspaper in Sweden, used factlab to show their readers public data and statistics that compare different things between Denmark and Sweden in connection with the Danish election last week. They give you only a few examples, and leave it to the readers to make further research if they want to compare anything else or if they want to compare with some other countries. With even more free statistics, factlab become even more attractive for all citizens.

You can easily get factlab in English or other languages, just click on "Change Settings".

If you want to compare with other countries, just click on "Show selection" and mark any country you want.

Making it easy for you there is an English translation further below.


English translation:

Denmark's refugee policy is different from Sweden ?

Is Denmark is more environmentally friendly than Sweden in terms of carbon emissions ?

Has Denmark a better age pyramid than Sweden have?

Do you live as close together in Denmark as you do in Sweden?

Denmark had 22% more doctors per 1,000 inhabitants in 2004, do they have a larger proportion of people over 65 today ?

Denmark is expected to increase its population by 300,000 people by 2050, does Sweden have the same expectation ?

Is the area of Sweden 3, 5 or 10 times bigger than the area of Denmark ?

Does Denmark have just as much of its manpower in the military as Sweden have, or more ?

Do Danes have more liberal views on drug crimes than Swedes?

Sure you can call Denmark for flat !

Does Denmark or Sweden have the longest coastline?

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