Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Activity Proposal: eGovernment Activity (March 2011)


Activity Proposal: eGovernment Activity (March 2011)

This Activity Proposal is public.
This Activity Proposal restarts and expands the eGovernment Activity. As before, this Activity includes the eGovernment Interest Group, which functions as a wide bridge between W3C and people involved with governments around the world. This time the Activity also include a Working Group chartered to document best practices and establish standards needed for successful deployment of Linked Data by governments.
This activity proposal extends the eGovernment Activity for two years until 31 May 2013. At that point, if it provides ongoing value, it may be renewed again.
The current climate is extremely favorable to this work. When W3C began to move into this space, with our 2007 workshop Toward More Transparent Government, "transparency" (via web technology) and "open government" and "government data" were fringe terms; now they have moved into the mainstream. As of this writing, CTIC, the W3C office in Spain, has identified 86 different government data catalog sites, around the world. While this is very encouraging, a great deal of work remains in making good on the promises of Web technology to materially help citizens around the world. This activity will take next steps toward that goal.

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